Bob Hohler

Bob Hohler is a sports investigative and enterprise reporter. He also covered the Red Sox and worked in the Globe’s Washington bureau. His book, “I Touch the Future: The Story of Christa McAuliffe,” details the New Hampshire teacher’s life and death aboard the space shuttle.

Latest stories

Hernandez had CTE; lawsuit against NFL, Patriots filed

By Danny McDonald, Felice J. Freyer and , Globe Staff

Aaron Hernandez suffered from advanced Stage 3 CTE, said experts at Boston University who examined his brain.

Study links youth football to greater risk of later health problems

By , Globe Staff

A Boston University study found greater risks of brain-related problems from playing tackle football before age 12.


Red Sox case gives an electronic jolt to a long history of spycraft

By , Globe Staff

Baseball espionage certainly seems here to stay, and its future may involve more and more gadgetry.

A hockey pro dies, and coach he said raped him is free

By , Globe Staff

David Gove, a former Cape Cod hockey prodigy, is dead at 38. Felony charges have been dropped against the coach he said raped him as a boy.