Design Supervisor

Heather Hopp-Bruce

Heather Hopp-Bruce coordinates illustrations, graphics, and layout for the Editorial and Opinion pages. She also contributes to videos and interactive graphics, as well as writes editorials and serves on the editorial board. She has been a design editor at Newsday, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and The San Francisco Chronicle; a columnist at the Santa Cruz Sentinel; and a senior project manager at a web design firm in California.

Latest stories


Your brain on Tetris: A history

By ,

An illustrated look at what is perhaps the greatest video game of all time.

Ideas | Heather Hopp-Bruce

The dark legacy of this dress

By ,

Bahzad Farhan Murad is collecting evidence to assist a future criminal prosecution of Islamic State group crimes.

opinion | josh Neufeld

Emojis: The mystery and the meaning

By Josh Neufeld ,

Did you know the snorting emoji is supposed to mean triumph, not anger? What others have hidden true meanings?

Opinion | Alexander Langerman

Careful, compassionate, concurrent surgery

By Alexander Langerman ,

I’m not always in the operating room — and sometimes, I believe this is for the best.