Design Supervisor

Heather Hopp-Bruce

Heather Hopp-Bruce coordinates illustrations, graphics, and layout for the Editorial and Opinion pages. She also contributes to videos and interactive graphics, as well as writes editorials and serves on the editorial board. She has been a design editor at Newsday, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and The San Francisco Chronicle; a columnist at the Santa Cruz Sentinel; and a senior project manager at a web design firm in California.

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Political combat metaphor bingo

By , Noah Guiney, and ,

We’re in for plenty of combat-inspired rhetoric this election season. Here’s a guide to keep you above the fray.

opinion | Heather Hopp-Bruce

Boston Harbor: Dredge with care

By ,

Harbor dredging is a good opportunity to speculate on what might lie buried in our waterways.

Was there a flaw in the Action Comics No. 1 grading?

By ,

The comic sold Sunday for $3.2 million. But collectors are wondering how its condition could have gotten better with age.


9 stunning photos of Brazil’s World Cup street art

By ,

Brazil’s street artists have embraced the full legalization of graffiti on designated property.