Evan Horowitz

Evan Horowitz has been the Globe’s resident explainer since 2014, writing the “Quick Study” column and endeavoring to make complex topics comprehensible and lively.

Before joining the Globe, Evan worked at a think tank focused on the Massachusetts state budget. And prior to that, he was a professor of literature, focused on 19th century British and French authors.

Latest stories

Baker defends hiring of new MBTA general manager

By and , Globe Staff

The governor said he remains confident in Luis Ramirez despite accounting problems at a company Ramirez recently led as chief executive.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

Smart investors may be killing capitalism

By , Globe Staff

When investors own little bits of everything, they lose interest in the kind of fierce market competition that is supposed to keep prices low and innovation humming.

Evan Horowitz | Quick study

A turning point for the far right as Trump is slow to condemn

By , Globe Staff

Charlottesville has become a pivotal moment because a US president hesitated to denounce white extremism.

Evan Horowitz | Quick Study

It’s easy to start a war

By , Globe Staff

Very little stands between President Trump, or Kim Jong Un, and the use of deadly weapons.