Meghan E. Irons

A news features reporter for the Metro section, Irons covers a range of issues in Boston’s diverse neighborhoods. She earned her master’s in journalism from Northeastern University, and has worked for several newspapers, including the Journal-Gazette in Indiana and The Baltimore Sun.

Latest stories

Ebola risk minimized, but fear high

By and , Globe Staff

Fears about the deadly virus in Mass. prompted holiday press conferences and reverse 911 calls to reassure a jittery public after two Ebola-related scares.

Mayor Walsh vows to keep Long Island Bridge open

By and , Globe staff

Martin Walsh pledged Friday to restore the 63-year-old Long Island Bridge, but that could take as long as five years.

City lawyer says mayor can stop council pay raises

By and , Globe staff

The city’s corporation lawyer made it clear that the City Council does not have the ability to override a mayoral veto on spending.

Boston city councilors vote for $20,000-a-year raise

By and , Globe Staff

After an hour-long discussion, city councilors voted themselves an annual raise of $20,000, but Mayor Walsh did not say if he would approve it.