Sally Jacobs

Jacobs is a projects reporter who has worked for the Globe since 1988. During her time at the Globe she has covered local, national and international news and also worked for the Globe Magazine. She recently completed her first book, “The Other Barack, The Bold and Reckless life of Barack Obama’s Father.”

Latest stories

An abrupt end for hard-working horse

By Sally Jacobs , Globe Staff

Freddie, a grey Percheron who has pulled wedding couples and children for decades, died outside a Watertown wedding.

For this Kennedy, all politics (for now) local

By Sally Jacobs , Globe Staff

Despite his family’s roots, Ted Kennedy Jr. is keeping his campaign for the Conn. Senate in the community.

Gun controversy lost on new shooting stars

By Sally Jacobs , Globe Staff

Competitive marksmanship is a growing draw for children and teens.

Boston’s ‘first girlfriend’ avoids the spotlight

By Sally Jacobs , Globe Staff

“I’m really not that interesting,” said Lorrie Higgins, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s longtime partner.