Jeff Jacoby

An Op-Ed columnist and nationally recognized conservative voice, Jacoby was hired from the Boston Herald in 1987. He briefly practiced law and was a commentator for WBUR-FM. His awards include the 1999 Breindel Prize and the 2004 Thomas Paine Award.

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Charlie Baker’s big choice: Whose portrait?

By , Globe columnist

By tradition, each incoming governor chooses the portrait of a predecessor to hang in the corner office.


The Jewish state’s newest hero wasn’t Jewish

By , Globe Columnist

Terrorists may have killed Zidan Saif, a Druze police officer, but his memory will be a lasting blessing.


Let people buy health insurance out of state

By , Globe Columnist

Government policies protecting insurance companies from interstate competition are indefensible.


Do something about gas prices? Why?

By , Globe Columnist

When gas is $2.92 a gallon, the best energy policy is a free and robust economy. It’s also the best policy at any other price.