Akilah Johnson

Akilah Johnson covers immigrant communities, the people behind city, state, and federal policies, to tell the stories of people who come from around the world to make this region home.

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Citizenship instructors get tips on how to teach

By , Globe Staff

Content is just a fraction of what these teachers must convey to students, most of whom are still learning English.

At immigration courts, a growing backlog

By , Globe Staff

A significant backlog of immigration cases has left nearly 500,000 people in limbo, deprived some families of income, and torn at the fabric of others.

Trump immigration announcement inspires relief — for some

By , Globe Staff

Advocates praised the announcement, but they sounded a cautionary note about the fate of unauthorized adult immigrants.

The forgotten riot that sparked Boston’s racial unrest

By , Globe Staff

June 2, 1967, marks the day that Boston joined what some deem the period of “Urban Riots,” a five-year span in the 1960s that touched nearly every major city in black America’s fight for civil rights.