Carolyn Y. Johnson

Johnson joined the Health team as a science writer in 2008. She also has covered telecommunications and tech culture for the Business section. Johnson was a physics and English major at Amherst College and earned her master’s degree in science writing from MIT.

Latest stories

Boston scientists find gene mutations that are a precursor of blood cancer

By , Globe Staff

The mutations markedly increase the risk of blood cancer, an important step toward developing early detection and prevention strategies.

Harvard researchers study how towering termite mounds breathe

By , Globe Staff

Towering termite mounds are a monumental construction project for the tiny and rather unsophisticated insects, but their purpose has long mystified biologists. The dirt mounds are taller than a person but stand strangely empty, like vacant skyscrapers, atop nests that extend deep underground.

Doctors look to personalize cancer care

By , Globe Staff

Physicians and researchers have identified novel drug combinations that show promise against cancer cells that have developed a resistance to therapy.

Flawed gene may cut heart disease risk

By , Globe Staff

People with a flawed gene have better heart health than those with the normal, functioning gene.