Katie Johnston

Each day it becomes harder for all but the highest earners to get by in this country. Average American workers are beset by lack of opportunity and the fight for livable wages, along with nagging questions about their relevance. Will their skills remain viable in a changing economy with more automation? Will their jobs be sent overseas? Small business owners, meanwhile, face their own challenges. And the labor unions that once hovered over it all are increasingly less powerful.This beat is an exploration of those shifts, with an emphasis on what it all means for our workforce and for families trying to put food on the table.

Katie Johnston previously wrote about travel and tourism for the Globe and worked as the paper’s music and entertainment editor.

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Foreign worker shortages extend into shoulder season

By , Globe Staff

The possibility of restrictions on international student worker visas has the tourism industry, which is already facing labor shortages, on edge.

Supporters of higher minimum wage urge lawmakers to enact hike

By , Globe Staff

Bills in the House and Senate would increase Massachusetts’ minimum wage by $1 a year over the course of four years.

Tourism booms but locals struggle: Behind the two worlds of the Berkshires

By , Globe Staff

The number of people in poverty in Berkshire County rose by nearly a third between 2000 and 2015, even as the number of seasonal home owners increased almost 19 percent.

For women, salary negotiation workshops pay off

By , Globe Staff

Nearly half of women in a study group negotiated pay raises after going through training on how to confront pay discrimination.