Katie Johnston

Katie Johnston covers workplace and income inequality for the Globe Business section. She previously wrote about travel and tourism for the Globe and worked as the paper’s music and entertainment editor.

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She’s pressing top companies on pay equity

By , Globe Staff

Natasha Lamb filed shareholder resolutions at nine major technology companies, directing them to disclose pay differences between men and women.

Top Places to Work deadline extended

By , Globe Staff

If your organization hasn’t signed up for our annual survey yet, you’re in luck. The deadline is being extended to June 24.

Paid leave would cost $159 per worker, UMass report finds

By , Globe Staff

The measure under consideration in the state Legislature would also increase the annual number of leaves taken by 13,000.

Overtime protections extended to 4.2m workers

By , Globe Staff

More than 4 million workers will be eligible to earn overtime pay under new regulations announced Tuesday by the US Department of Labor.