Katie Johnston

Katie Johnston covers workplace and income inequality for the Globe Business section. She previously wrote about travel and tourism for the Globe and worked as the paper’s music and entertainment editor.

Latest stories

A Brexit upside? Cheaper UK vacations

By , Globe Staff

With the value of the British pound plummeting, now may be a good time to head to London.

Latest roadside attraction: wage theft

By , Globe Staff

A labor group pushing legislation to crack down on unpaid wages is putting up two digital billboards on I-93 to keep a running tally.

Western Mass. prisoner rehabilitation program lauded

By , Globe Staff

Governor Charlie Baker wants to spend $1 million to expand Hampden County Correctional Center’s employment-focused re-entry program statewide.

Pining for the cubicle? Believe it.

By , Globe Staff

A funny thing is happening as cubicles disappear from the workplace: People have started recalling them fondly.