Katie Johnston

Katie Johnston covers workplace and income inequality for the Globe Business section. She previously wrote about travel and tourism for the Globe and worked as the paper’s music and entertainment editor.

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‘Area Four’ residents live in the shadow of the future

By , Globe Staff

Growing prosperity in Kendall Square is doing little to lift up the low-income residents around it.

Child care workers’ pay stagnant over 20 years

By , Globe Staff

Many are on public assistance, diminishing their ability to provide the best environment for children, according to a report.

Executives get back in the trenches at the companies they run

By , Globe Staff

Officials shared secrets to making workers happy at the highest-ranked companies in this year’s Top Places to Work survey.

Poverty rate in Mass. highest since 1960

By , Globe Staff

A new report details the plight of the poor since President Johnson declared a war on poverty 50 years ago.