Katie Johnston

Katie Johnston covers workplace and income inequality for the Globe Business section. She previously wrote about travel and tourism for the Globe and worked as the paper’s music and entertainment editor.

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Want to rent in Boston? Get a $50-an-hour job

By , Globe Staff

It’s no secret that rents are astronomical around Boston. And the amount of money a person needs to make in order to afford those rents is truly eye-opening.

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Fiksu workers flock to Chicken and Rice Guys

By , Globe Staff

Young, hungry workers at the mobile marketing firm check the location of the Chicken and Rice Guys food trucks almost every day.

Salvation Army donations are down

By , Globe Staff

With donations down around the state this year, the Salvation Army has issued a plea for contributions in the final few days before Christmas.

Businesses bringing ‘wow factor’ back to holiday parties

By , Globe Staff

After years of scaling back, some companies are going over the top with aerialists, orchestras, and shopping sprees.