Food Editor

Sheryl Julian

Julian is the food editor for the Globe, and was the longtime food writer and stylist for the Globe magazine. She trained at the Cordon Bleu schools in London and Paris and has edited or authored several books, including “The Way We Cook.”

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Pick-your-own apples in Massachusetts


List of orchards near Boston for apple pickling.

Rhode Island

Block Island is rich in fare from surf and turf

By Sheryl Julian , Globe Staff

The Draper-Abrams families have run Hotel Manisses and other properties on Block Island for 44 years.

Recipe for chicken curry with apples and onions


Use a firm apple with lots of flavor, such as Rhode Island Greening, Pink Lady, Keepsake, or Arkansas Black.

School-night suppers for family dinners

By Sheryl Julian , Globe Staff

You’re tired, they’re cranky, and it may seem impossible. . . but, cheer up, here are some easy dinner ideas.