Food Editor

Sheryl Julian

Julian is the food editor for the Globe, and was the longtime food writer and stylist for the Globe magazine. She trained at the Cordon Bleu schools in London and Paris and has edited or authored several books, including “The Way We Cook.”

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winter kitchen

Recipe for turkey meatballs with quick tomato sauce on angel hair pasta


Shape the meatballs into 1½-inch rounds (easiest done with a small ice cream scoop) and broil them for a minute to brown the tops, then finish cooking in the tomato sauce.

Cheap Eats

Rice Theory’s Thai along a strip of American fast food

By , Globe Staff

The 20-seat spot is an island of authenticity in a sea of fast-food places in Natick.

The food editor on returning bad produce

By , Globe Staff

Sheryl Julian returns bad food to supermarkets because she wants store managers to know that something is wrong with their system.

The Storm Kitchen

Recipe for root-vegetable minestrone


This New England version has mostly root vegetables, cut into small dice and simmered in chicken or vegetable stock with tomatoes.