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Hayley Kaufman

Kaufman has worked at the Globe as a reporter, columnist, and editor since 1999. As the Globe’s deputy living editor, she oversees three “g” feature sections a week, including Thursday Style, and edits the Names page. A California native and UC Davis graduate, Kaufman was previously managing editor of Stuff and Stuff@Night magazines, a staff writer at Boston magazine, and editor of the Cambridge Tab and other local newspapers.

Latest stories


Real talk: The rise of context

By Michael Andor Brodeur , Globe Staff

Yo — a mobile app that lets you say “Yo” to your friends, and nothing else — caused a storm with its mix of absurdity and ingenuity.


Tom Scheerer visits Design Center for book signing, magazine launch

By Jill Radsken , Globe Correspondent

The interior decorator, who has transformed many a New England manse and summer home, signed copies of his new book.


Photographer Todd Selby gets ‘Fashionable’

By , Globe Staff

Selby’s latest book, “Fashionable Selby,” captures the quirky worlds of some of fashion’s most intriguing people.


All hail the 60-something cosmetics models

By , Globe Staff

The cosmetics industry has awakened to the fact that appealing to middle-age (and older) women might be a smart business decision.