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Hayley Kaufman

Kaufman has worked at the Globe as a reporter, columnist, and editor since 1999. As the Globe’s deputy living editor, she oversees three “g” feature sections a week, including Thursday Style, and edits the Names page. A California native and UC Davis graduate, Kaufman was previously managing editor of Stuff and Stuff@Night magazines, a staff writer at Boston magazine, and editor of the Cambridge Tab and other local newspapers.

Latest stories

Questions and answers about US fuel economy standards

By The Associated Press ,

The U.S. government has issued a report on fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for U.S. cars and trucks that were first established in 2012. What does that mean for you?


Tesla shaves price of SUV, but it’s far from cheap

By David R. Baker , San Francisco Chronicle

With its first mid-priced car still more than a year away, Tesla Motors on Wednesday unveiled a slightly less expensive version of its new Model X sport utility vehicle.

What your car knows about you and why everyone cares

By David Welch , Bloomberg News

As you may have suspected, your car is spying on you. Fire up a new model and it updates more than 100,000 data points, including rather personal details.

The firefly’s fortunes rest with us

By Adrian Higgins , The Washington Post

The firefly, or lightning bug, transforms the sultry summer evening into a veil laced with sequins.

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