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Hayley Kaufman

Hayley Kaufman is an editor on the express desk with a focus on culture and lifestyle news.

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Is your yard bee-friendly?

By Bethany Ao , Globe Correspondent

More people are looking for ways to make their yards and gardens safe and welcoming to bees. But could you be harming the pollinators without realizing it?

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Apps, devices turn their attention to visually impaired

By Michael Andor Brodeur , Globe Correspondent

From artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things, a technological revolution is underway for the visually impaired.


Honda seeks sedan slump refuge with bigger, sportier Accord

By John Lippert , Bloomberg News

A fresh redesign could even give its Accord a boost.


In a new book, Kate Schelter reveals the key to finding ‘Classic Style’

By Jaci Conry , Globe Staff

Long time stylist, illustrator, and new author, Schelter has helped high-profile clients find their look. Now, with her new book, she does it for the rest of us.