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Hayley Kaufman

Kaufman has worked at the Globe as a reporter, columnist, and editor since 1999. As the Globe’s deputy living editor, she oversees three “g” feature sections a week, including Thursday Style, and edits the Names page. A California native and UC Davis graduate, Kaufman was previously managing editor of Stuff and Stuff@Night magazines, a staff writer at Boston magazine, and editor of the Cambridge Tab and other local newspapers.

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A New Porsche Cayman, and Still a Driver’s Dream

By Tom Voelk , The New York Times

Porsche is adamant that it doesn’t sell transportation; it’s in the experience business. The automotive industry practically invented the hype machine, but Porsche has turned it into an art.

Gifts aplenty at Harvard ceramics sale

By Marni Elyse Katz , Globe Staff

For devotees of the exquisitely handmade, the Boston area does not disappoint.


A spritz with shimmer

By , Globe Staff

There’s no question that buying clothes for someone at the holidays can be a dicey business. So maybe skip that altogether and concentrate on beauty and grooming products instead.


Toyota Yaris isn’t flashy, but it gets the job done

By Warren Brown , The Washington Post

I am a realist who understands that most of us cannot comfortably afford automobiles marketed as luxury or high-performance machines.

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