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Sean Leahy

Leahy is the sports producer for Before arriving at the Globe, he was the NFL editor for digital platforms at USA Today. He earned his master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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Slow starts among Patriots’ myriad problems

By Sean Leahy , Globe Staff

In addition to a leaky offensive line and ineffectiveness on third down and in the red zone, the Patriots are allowing opponents too much of a head start.

Sean Leahy | NFL Week 3 review

Wild comebacks an NFL staple this year

By Sean Leahy , Globe Staff

After rallies by the Eagles and Cowboys on Sunday, there have been nine big comeback wins in the first three weeks.

Sean Leahy | Week 3 NFL preview

Rare Super Bowl rematch highlights NFL Week 3

By Sean Leahy , Globe Staff

The first Super Bowl rematch in 17 years heads up our preview ranking of all of this week’s NFL games.

Sean Leahy | NFL

10 surprises from new NFL season

By Sean Leahy , Globe Staff

The NFL has seen wild comeback wins develop at a rate not seen in decades through the season’s first two weeks.