Scot Lehigh

A columnist for the Editorial/Op-Ed section, Lehigh provides commentary on a number of issues. Since joining the staff in 1989, he has held several editorial positions and has been a consistent member of the paper’s political reporting staff.

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scot lehigh

Interesting exchanges with Tom Menino

By ,

In the battle of banter, he usually found a way to give as good as he got.

Scot Lehigh

Take polls with a grain of salt

By , Globe columnist

It’s important to realize that all polls sound much more precise than they are.


The looming midterm political test

By , Globe Columnist

Nov. 4 likely won’t be a good day for Obama and his party-mates.


Too many trivial questions in debate

By , Globe Columnist

Viewers got to hear, yet again, the two rivals probe each other’s embarrassments or weaknesses and defend their own.