Shirley Leung

Leung writes a business column every Wednesday and Friday. Previously she served six years as the business editor overseeing daily and Sunday coverage, as well as producing the Globe 100 and Top Places to Work magazines. A graduate of Princeton, Leung also has worked as a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and Baltimore Sun. Leung is a board member and former president of the New England chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association.

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Shirley Leung

Friendly’s and its founders are aging well

By Shirley Leung , Globe Columnist

Sales may be finally improving at Friendly’s Ice Cream, but does the chain pass a taste test with cofounder Prestley Blake?

shirley leung

With Market Basket epilogue in sight, what have we learned?

By Shirley Leung , Globe Staff

The lessons of Market Basket and the feuding Demoulases might not be as pure and simple as we would like.

Shirley Leung

Who is Jack Connors backing in the governor’s race?

By Shirley Leung , Globe Staff

Connors has been a big giver to Democrats, but there are signs he may back Republican Charlie Baker.


What’s it like to raise kids in the city?

By Shirley Leung , Globe Staff

I miss my life in Boston. But could I really handle city living with young children?