Shirley Leung

Leung writes a business column every Wednesday and Friday. Previously she served six years as the business editor overseeing daily and Sunday coverage, as well as producing the Globe 100 and Top Places to Work magazines. A graduate of Princeton, Leung also has worked as a reporter at the Wall Street Journal and Baltimore Sun. Leung is a board member and former president of the New England chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association.

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Women & Power

Why do female CEOs get fired more often than male ones?

By ,

The reason female CEOs get fired more often may lie in a term you’ve never heard: The Glass Cliff.

Shirley Leung

Women master the art of fund-raising

By , Globe Staff

If you’re wondering why so many female candidates are on the ballot this year, just follow the money.

Shirley Leung

Yes, Jeff McCormick is still running for governor

By , Globe Staff

What about McCormick? Why is this political neophyte still running?

Shirley Leung

Janet Yellen wants to be the Fed chair for all

By , Globe Columnist

Chelsea is the last place you would ever find Yellen, one of the most powerful people in the world.