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Annie Linskey

Annie Linskey is a national political reporter in The Globe’s Washington, D.C. bureau. She has covered the White House and campaign finance for Bloomberg News. Before that she spent nine years at the Baltimore Sun writing about crime, city government, and state politics.

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Inside the Trump Tweet Machine: Staff-written posts, bad grammar (on purpose), and delight in the chaos

By , Globe Staff

President Trump’s tweets aren’t as spontaneous as they appear. Some are written by White House staffers, who mimic the president’s style, including his suspect grammar and syntax.

Putting ‘White House’ on the resume is less of a boost

By , Globe Staff

Former White House staffers are finding their association with President Trump a bit more complicated for post-administration prospects.


Is it ever a good idea to admit to paying off a porn star?

By , Globe Staff

Here’s a political riddle: Is it ever a good idea to stand up and admit to paying off a porn star to keep quiet about a sexual encounter?

President Trump’s super PAC falls well short of super

By , Globe Staff

Outside groups like Trump’s America First have become an essential, and potent, weapon for presidents, parties, and candidates. But Trump’s has been sorely lacking.