Taryn Luna

A general assignment correspondent with the Business department, Luna joined The Globe in 2013 and interned with the paper in 2011. A graduate of Oregon State University, Luna previously worked at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as a metro reporter.

Latest stories

Coakley cites hotels for sharing price information

By Taryn Luna , Globe Correspondent

Nine hotel operators in Massachusetts have agreed to stop calling other hotels for price comparisons.

Delivery firms vow to avoid holiday delays

By Taryn Luna , Globe Correspondent

Companies are trying to avoid a repeat of last year’s debacle, when more than one million packages weren’t delivered by Christmas.

Landlord’s plans for Faneuil Hall trouble some merchants

By Taryn Luna , Globe Correspondent

Two sharply different perspectives about changes underway at the marketplace emerged during a public hearing.

Retail customers setting trends in age of e-commerce

By Taryn Luna , Globe Correspondent

Shoppers — not stores — are increasingly becoming America’s tastemakers with the choices they make collectively online.