Brian MacQuarrie

An enterprise reporter for the Metro section, MacQuarrie travels New England for a wide range of articles. His extensive coverage of the war on terror has taken him to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, where he was embedded during the 2003 invasion.

Latest stories

Scotland votes to remain part of United Kingdom

By Brian MacQuarrie , Globe Staff

A quiet swath of Scots brought to the ballot box a conviction that the UK is better together.

10 things to know about Scotland’s vote for independence

By Brian MacQuarrie , Globe Staff

What will happen if Scotland leaves the UK and reestablishes itself as a sovereign nation? Here are some possibilities.

Massachusetts native stumps for ‘Yes’ vote in Scotland

By Brian MacQuarrie , Globe Staff

Lauren Leeman moved to Edinburgh because she fell in love with the place, and is now pushing for independence.

Massachusetts lawmakers stiffen animal cruelty penalties

By Brian MacQuarrie , Globe staff

The new regulations come nearly a year after a pit bull dubbed Puppy Doe was discovered starving and tortured in Quincy.