Brian MacQuarrie

MacQuarrie covers breaking news and feature stories throughout New England for the Globe, where he has worked since 1987. His work also has taken him to Afghanistan and Iraq several times, and across the United States as a roving National reporter. MacQuarrie is a graduate of Colby College and the University of Missouri.

Latest stories

Plan for White Mountains hut draws fire

By , Globe Staff

The Appalachian Mountain Club says a ninth hut is needed, but critics say the organization is focusing on revenue over mission.

In Vermont, they’re seeing green — but the wrong kind

By , Globe Staff

It’s almost October, but a warmer than usual September means the Green Mountains are still living up to their name.

Curfew sweeps children off N.H. city streets at night

By , Globe Staff

The curfew in Franklin is meant to reduce vandalism, but has drawn criticism about government overreach.

Somali transplants put down roots in Maine

By , Globe Staff

After years of gradual acceptance, they are emerging to rediscover the joys of an agrarian past.