Linda Matchan

A feature writer and video producer, Matchan has a special interest in the arts and international travel. She is also a documentary filmmaker who has received grants from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Latest stories

Schools seek balance for cellphones in class

By , Globe Staff

Some educators maintain that smartphones in schools are crucial to being competitive in a global market, while others insist they distract students.

Was Tom Brady lying at his Deflategate press conference?

By Cristela Guerra and , Globe Staff

When stretching the truth to serve one’s needs, little white lies can turn into big ones, experts say.

From homeless to Harvard, with the help of crowdfunding

By , Globe Staff

A Toronto woman launched a “Mission for Harvard Tuition” a month ago on the GoFundMe site and has nearly reached her goal.

Winter’s lingering toll keeps gardens bogged down

By , Globe Staff

An extremely late start to spring is wreaking havoc on local gardeners and garden centers.