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Ed Medina

Medina is the director of multimedia development. He began working at in 1997 as a news producer, eventually specializing in multimedia. After spending two years working for the Associated Press in New York, he returned to the Globe in 2007 as multimedia editor, helping to create the Globe’s Emmy award-winning video department.

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Zwift Island: A hot destination spot that doesn’t actually exist

By , Globe staff

Cyclists can connect their stationary bicycles to a computer game and see themselves as an avatar pedaling around a virtual 3-D world with other players.

Q&A: US champ Jeremy Powers on rise of cyclo-cross

By , Globe Staff

The 31-year-old racer from East Lyme is the defending US champ in cyclo-cross bicycle racing.

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Racing goes off-road in cyclo-cross

By , Globe Staff

New England has emerged as a North American hub of the bike racing discipline, in which racers ride road-style bikes on twisting off-road courses seeded with barriers, sand pits, and mud.


Inside the new special exhibition art gallery

By , Globe Staff

At first glance, this new special exhibition gallery appears to be a simple box-shaped room with a large glass wall and a view of the original Gardner Museum palace. But the 1,500-square-foot room hides a secret: The ceiling can be raised or lowered to create a larger or smaller space. Both the ceiling scrims and the windows can also be darkened. This image was created from a series of photographs.