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Chris Morris

Morris is the Travel Editor, in charge of the Sunday Travel section. Morris joined the Globe in 2002 and was previously the Night Editor on the news side. She has two little ones at home and can’t travel as much as she once did, so she lives vicariously through the section. She hesitates to call what she does “work”; she’s pretty sure she has the best job in the building. Send her your travel story ideas. Reach her at or 617-929-2485. Follow her on Twitter at @morrisglobe.

Latest stories

Pellet stove savings will warm your heart

By , Globe staff

One homeowner was spending crazy amounts of money to heat her old N.H. farmhouse, and then she got a pellet stove.

Our home was invaded by bats

By , Globe staff

The first one came on a hot summer night. Then his friends followed.

Check in

More playrooms, please

By , Globe staff

At 506 On the River in Woodstock, Vt., “toddler playroom” is an amenity.

MY First Home

Moving to get away from a nasty neighbor

By , Globe Staff

I had to break up with my first house. It wasn’t the house’s fault. It was hers.