Eric Moskowitz

Eric Moskowitz is a reporter who mainly tells stories about people drawn from everyday life around Boston, looking out for poignant, charming, affecting, illuminating, or otherwise fascinating tales. He has worked at the Globe since 2007 and feels lucky to be paid to do what he would do anyway: wander the city, start conversations with strangers, and get lost in Boston’s layers of history, the obscured ones as much as the highlighted ones.

Moskowitz has received multiple honors for reporting and writing, including the 2017 National Headliner Award for feature writing. In 2014, he was part of the newsroom team that won a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the 2013 marathon bombings. Before joining the Globe, he worked for the Concord (N.H.) Monitor and The (New Bedford) Standard-Times, after studying history at the University of Pennsylvania. A native of the Boston area, he sold souvenirs at Fenway Park in high school, shares Celtics season tickets today, and collects old postcards, mostly of local scenes that look different now but still retain a trace of that past.

Latest stories

the summer of ‘67

The 10-game winning streak that ignited Red Sox Nation

By , Globe Staff

It was a team accustomed to being background noise. Then came the summer of 1967, and the Sox became the soundtrack of Boston.

Researchers detect new gravity waves from colliding black holes

By , Globe Staff

The discovery of more waves also further affirmed Albert Einstein’s century-old description of how gravity works.

Jury felt a heavy burden in Aaron Hernandez case

By , Globe Staff

The jurors who acquitted Aaron Hernandez wrestled with the credibility of the trial’s key witness and felt prosecutors did not meet the burden of proof.

Rate of inmate suicides remains high in Mass.

By , Globe Staff

The suicide of Aaron Hernandez is the 65th reported prison suicide in Massachusetts in the two decades since another high-profile suicide.