Deputy Managing Editor, New Initiatives and Special Sections

Doug Most

Most is the Globe’s deputy managing editor for new initiatives and special sections. Prior to that he was the Globe’s features editor and Sunday magazine editor, and before that a senior editor at Boston magazine. He is the author of two books and has contributed to numerous national magazines.

Latest stories

Tom Brady opens up on youth sports today

By , Globe Staff

Tom Brady doesn’t go off topic too often. He talks football because it’s safe and he has felt burned when he veers away from that, as he did recently when talking about Donald Trump.

Tom Brady has to steal this 7th grader’s amazing touchdown pass play

By , Globe Staff

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Amtrak to start charging passengers for excessive luggage

By , Globe Staff

The days of packing as much as you want, and bringing as many bags as you want, with no additional cost, are about to end.

The best time of day to take a break is . . .

By , Globe Staff

New research shows the best time to take a break at work isn’t mid-afternoon, but mid-morning.