Deputy Managing Editor, New Initiatives and Special Sections

Doug Most

Most is the Globe’s deputy managing editor for new initiatives and special sections. Prior to that he was the Globe’s features editor and Sunday magazine editor, and before that a senior editor at Boston magazine. He is the author of two books and has contributed to numerous national magazines.

Latest stories

A Gorgonocephalus eucnemis. A what?

By Doug Most , Globe Staff

It looks like a twisted heap of starfish, octopus, and squid all in one bizarre creature. It’s called a northern basket star, or Gorgonocephalus eucnemis.


A diver’s light attracts a school of longfin inshore squid

By Doug Most , Globe Staff

These squid were once popular as bait for fish, but now are more popular for us to eat.

Best performance spaces on Cape Cod, from TripAdvisor users

By Doug Most , Globe Staff

The Cape is full of terrific theater, and charming old movie spaces, as this list offrom TripAdvisor users shows.

Video shows what it looks like to be attacked by a great white shark

By Doug Most , Globe Staff

The video is from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and was taken by a submersible that was repeatedly attacked by sharks.