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Christopher Muther

Christopher Muther is a travel writer and columnist for the Boston Globe, covering everything from local haunts to global destinations and travel trends. Previous to writing about travel, the University of Massachusetts graduate covered fashion and style for the G section of the Globe and served as an adjunct professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Latest stories

Diary of a bad year for United

By , Globe staff

A list of complaints and incidents against United Airlines over the past year.

Christopher Muther

Why are people still flying United?

By , Globe Staff

Basement-level customer satisfaction ratings persist because people are still flying United. If there is outrage, consumers are not adequately expressing it with their wallets.


How Martinique’s rum became certifiably the best in the Caribbean

By , Globe Staff

Rum production in Martinique is monitored as closely as champagne production in France. Here’s where to see, and, most importantly, taste it on the island.

Puppy dies after flight attendant insists it be stored in an overhead bin

By , Globe Staff

A United flight attendant insisted that a dog be stored in an overhead bin on a flight from Houston to New York. By the time the plane landed at LaGuardia, the dog was dead.