Leon Neyfakh

Leon Neyfakh is the Globe’s Ideas reporter. He writes about new research and thought coming out of academia. He was previously a reporter at the New York Observer.

Latest stories

What playfulness can do for you

By Leon Neyfakh , Globe Staff

Research discovers the many benefits of being a goofball.

Dawn of the Web: an oral history

By Leon Neyfakh , Globe Staff

How did it feel when the Internet first arrived on your desk? What does a tidal wave look like from shore?

How amusement parks hijack your brain

By Leon Neyfakh , Globe staff

They’re perfectly engineered to push psychological buttons you didn’t even know you had. Here’s how.


The case for an absent-minded Internet

By Leon Neyfakh , Globe Staff

We’ve built a huge memory machine whose capacity is becoming at best a nuisance, at worst dangerous. Meet the thinkers trying to teach the Internet to forget.