John Powers

Powers has worked for the Globe since 1973, writing for the Sports, Metro, Sunday, Magazine, and Living sections and sharing the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. He has covered sporting events on five continents and is the author of eight books.

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IOC has a favorite among final three for 2022

By John Powers , Globe Staff

The Norwegian government has yet to guarantee its financial backing for the cost of hosting the 2022 Olympics.


Globally speaking, World Cup was a big success

By John Powers , Globe Staff

The globalization of the game has been underway for years but this time it was evident on the result sheets at the World Cup.

on soccer

Germany displayed its dominance at World Cup

By John Powers , Globe Staff

This team, in retrospect, will be viewed as one of the most impressive of champions.


Argentina, Germany set for World Cup final

By John Powers , Globe Staff

The Germans have played in seven finals since returning to the global stage in 1954 after their postwar ban.