John Powers

Powers has worked for the Globe since 1973, writing for the Sports, Metro, Sunday, Magazine, and Living sections and sharing the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. He has covered sporting events on five continents and is the author of eight books.

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Boston’s Olympic bid would set stage for city’s 400th anniversary

By , Globe Staff

Development needed for the 2024 Games would complement planning for Boston’s 400th anniversary in 2030, officials say.

Boston still in hunt for 2024 Summer Olympics

By , Globe Staff

The USOC will make a bid for the Games, and next month will choose a candidate from a field of four cities, including Boston.


US will bid for 2024 Olympics, but city not chosen yet

By , Rachel G. Bowers and , Globe Staff

Boston was one of four cities to make a presentation to the USOC, which will decide in January which city will make the US bid.

Boston’s Olympic bid must clear hurdle today

By , Globe Staff

Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington will make presentations as the US Olympic Committee decides whether to bid for the 2024 Games.