Martine Powers

Martine Powers is the transportation reporter for the Globe, covering everything from the MBTA and the Big Dig to innovative street design and and Boston’s growing bike community. A graduate of Yale University with a degree in African American Studies, Powers joined the Globe in 2011. She also has worked for the Tampa Bay Times and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Subway rider sets a record

By Martine Powers , Globe Staff

Adham Fisher traveled to Boston last fall to ride the T’s entire subway and trolley system in the fastest time possible.

Wednesday commute leaves drivers frustrated

By Martine Powers , Globe Staff

A perfect storm of crashes, construction, and weather meant harrowingly slow journeys for many on Wednesday morning.

Some taking a hard line against paying by E-ZPass

By Martine Powers , Globe Staff

A small but stubborn group of drivers in the state refuse to order an E-ZPass because they do not agree with electronic tolling.

MBTA janitors overworked, lack training, report says

By Martine Powers , Globe Staff

The review was commissioned at the request of the union representing janitorial staff who work in MBTA facilities.