Martine Powers

Martine Powers is the transportation reporter for the Globe, covering everything from the MBTA and the Big Dig to innovative street design and and Boston’s growing bike community. A graduate of Yale University with a degree in African American Studies, Powers joined the Globe in 2011. She also has worked for the Tampa Bay Times and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Construction makes Mass. Turnpike a road to misery

By Martine Powers , Globe Staff

The $22.3 million Boston project has ruined the usual August respite from traffic.

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Mass. seeking new ideas for underutilized overpasses

By Martine Powers , Globe Staff

Who knew that those shadowy swaths of land underneath highway overpasses could be prime real estate?

New requirement keeps many older users off The Ride

By Martine Powers , Globe staff

A move by the MBTA to crack down on fraud has led to a sharp drop in the number of older users.

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Subway rider sets a record

By Martine Powers , Globe Staff

Adham Fisher traveled to Boston last fall to ride the T’s entire subway and trolley system in the fastest time possible.