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Dante Ramos

Ramos is deputy editorial page editor. He writes on economics, transportation, and other issues, and has contributed to many other publications. He previously wrote for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina.

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dante ramos

Charlie Baker struggles as Martha Coakley finds her zone

By , Globe Columnist

Beneath the dutiful discussion of issues, a psychodrama brewed in Tuesday’s gubernatorial debate.

dante ramos

Buddy Cianci plays the same old game in Providence

By , Globe columnist

While some may be ready for the city’s next act, Cianci keeps chewing the scenery.

Dante Ramos

Wait your turn? Moulton and Healey didn’t

By ,

The victories of Seth Moulton and Maura Healey sent a message to Democratic leadership: Enough with “wait your turn.”


Political combat metaphor bingo

By , Noah Guiney, and ,

We’re in for plenty of combat-inspired rhetoric this election season. Here’s a guide to keep you above the fray.