Deputy Managing Editor, Editorial Page

Dante Ramos

Ramos is deputy editorial page editor. He writes on economics, transportation, and other issues, and has contributed to many other publications. He previously wrote for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina.

Latest stories


Technology reboots the language

By Dante Ramos , Globe staff

Just because people say tech-derived words in everyday conversation doesn’t mean we’re thinking robotically.


Marty Walsh marks his territory, one sign at a time

By Dante Ramos , Globe staff

Unfortunately, putting your name on stuff has become a perk of being elected to Boston’s top job.

Dante Ramos

In Boston area, tech colonies bloom

By Dante Ramos , Globe staff

The easier it is for aspiring entrepreneurs to find kindred spirits, the greater the incentive for all of them to stay.


Rhode Island’s recipe for political trouble

By Dante Ramos , Globe Staff

House Speaker Gordon Fox’s abrupt resignation after a government raid has furthered the state’s reputation as an endless well of corruption.