James Reed

Reed is a pop music critic covering everything from indie rock and folk to Latin pop and hip-hop. He previously worked at The Standard-Times of New Bedford and graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with degrees in journalism and Spanish.

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Emmylou Harris takes ‘Wrecking Ball’ for another swing

By James Reed , Globe Staff

Harris played her entire landmark album “Wrecking Ball” at House of Blues on Sunday.

An Appalachian adventure requiring . . . an autoharp?

By James Reed , Globe Staff

BRASSTOWN - We needed a name. There were eight of us in the band, and we were staring down a recital in five days, when we would play an instrument we barely knew how to hold, let alone coax pretty sounds from.

White Hinterland’s Dienel embraces the freedom of not caring

By James Reed , Globe Staff

“Baby,” White Hinterland’s latest album, is an exuberant foray into brooding R&B.

Album Review | AMERICANA

Review of ‘Red Beans and Weiss’ by Chuck E. Weiss

By James Reed , Globe Staff

Chuck E. Weiss’s recorded output is sporadic, which makes his latest, “Red Beans and Weiss” (terrible title, terrific album) such a welcome pleasure.