Michael Rezendes

An investigative reporter and political writer, Rezendes was a member of the Boston Globe Spotlight Team for nearly a decade and shared a Pulitzer Prize for investigating the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He has probed a wide array of additional topics, including the September 11 attacks, prison suicides, healthcare costs, and the role of money in presidential politics.

Latest stories

Racially tinged e-mails expose rift in Plymouth County DA’s office

By and , Globe Staff

The e-mails included a seemingly mocking attitude toward a crime victim, raising doubts about the former prosecutor’s integrity.

Plymouth DA faces fire for witness deals

By , Globe Staff

In the last four months, three judges have separately rebuked Timothy Cruz’s office for its handling of cases before them.

Report rebukes DA’s handling of Bridgewater death

By , Globe Staff

A medical examiner was “a little bit angry” that Timothy Cruz made it seem as though she blamed Joshua Messier for causing his own death.

Three guards to face charges in Bridgewater patient’s death

By , Globe Staff

The former Bridgewater State Hospital guards will face manslaughter charges in the 2009 death of a patient with schizophrenia.