Michael Rezendes

An investigative reporter and political writer, Rezendes was a member of the Boston Globe Spotlight Team for nearly a decade and shared a Pulitzer Prize for investigating the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He has probed a wide array of additional topics, including the September 11 attacks, prison suicides, healthcare costs, and the role of money in presidential politics.

Latest stories

3 Bridgewater guards fired after man’s death

By Michael Rezendes , Globe staff

The correction officers have been fired for the role they played in the death of Joshua Messier at Bridgewater State Hospital.

Feds probe use of informants in Lowell

By Michael Rezendes , Globe staff

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz is looking into allegations that Lowell police knowingly relied on informants suspected of planting drugs on innocent victims.

Despite recent troubles, state hospital remains accredited

By Michael Rezendes , Globe staff

The national agency that accredits mental health facilities has decided not to downgrade Bridgewater’s professional status.

Attorney Geneal Coakley names special prosecutor to investigate death at Bridgewater State Hospital

By Michael Rezendes , Globe Staff

Attorney General Martha Coakley on Tuesday named a former Middlesex prosecutor to conduct a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding the 2009 death of Joshua K. Messier, a 23-year-old mental health patient who died at Bridgewater State Hospital as poorly trained prison guards strapped his wrists and ankles to the corners of a small bed.