Assistant Managing Editor

Christopher Rowland

Rowland is the Washington bureau chief. He also has served as Metro political editor and as a healthcare reporter on the Business desk. He joined the paper in January of 2001 after spending 12 years as a local and state political writer at the Providence Journal in Rhode Island.

Latest stories

Billing dispute leads to blocked patient data in Maine

By Christopher Rowland , Globe Staff

The battle, which pitted a tiny medical office against a German corporation, may have broader implications.

Hazards tied to medical records rush

By Christopher Rowland , Globe Staff

Billions in taxpayer subsidies were poured into the push for digital medical records, with no safety oversight.

John Kerry talks on Ukraine yield no change

By Christopher Rowland , Globe Staff

Talks on Ukraine between the secretary of state and his Russian counterpart bore no tangible fruit, but established that Russia wants to avoid broader conflict.

John Kerry displays US support in worried Kiev

By Christopher Rowland , Globe Staff

The secretary of state’s challenge is translating goodwill into a plan to counter Russia’s military takeover of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.