Jenna Russell

A Globe reporter since 2000, Russell covered higher education for three years and spent three years as the paper’s roving regional reporter. In 2010, she worked on a series of stories about childhood bullying that won a Dart Award, for excellence in coverage of trauma, from Columbia Journalism School.

Latest stories

Walsh says ISIS threat calls for citizen vigilance

By , Globe Staff

Mayor Walsh said urban leaders and citizens alike must be on guard against violent extremists who may be working alone.

Police investigate deaths of 6-year old boy, father

By , Globe Staff

The boy reportedly went into cardiac arrest and died while staying in Dorchester with his father, who later took his own life.

History rolled in on a yellow school bus


When rocks and jeers greeted some of the children, Boston’s image was scarred forever.

Third of three parts

Desperately guarding a spark of hope

By ,

Michael Bourne has decided to stick with his meds. They may save his life, but at the price of not feeling fully alive. It is a cruel calculus, for him and for many.