Sebastian Smee

Smee, an art critic for the Globe, was awarded the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism. He previously wrote for a number of publications in London and Sydney. Smee is the author of five books on Lucian Freud, and one on Matisse and Picasso.

Latest stories

Frame by Frame

Bernardo Strozzi’s true calling confirmed by ‘Calling’

By Sebastian Smee , Globe Staff

Strozzi’s “The Calling of Saint Matthew” is one of the most riveting paintings in the collection of the Worcester Art Museum.

Revisiting Marisol, years after her heyday

By Sebastian Smee , Globe Staff

Maria Sol Escobar, known to everyone as Marisol, was famous in the 1960s and then forgotten. Now appreciation is rising again.

The Ticket: Art

By Sebastian Smee , Globe Staff

Sebastian Smee’s picks for notable art exhibtions on view around the region this week.

Art REview

Concord explores ‘Sight Specific’

By Sebastian Smee , Globe Staff

At the Concord Art Association, painter George Nick has curated a show that celebrates a strain of painting that’s highly resistant to closure.