Shira Springer

Springer is an investigative and enterprise reporter for the Sports section. She covers a wide range of subjects, including local professional teams, sports business, and the Olympics. Prior to her current role, she served as Celtics beat writer. Her journalism career started at the Globe in 1997.

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Virtual Olympics could be a viewing option in 2024

By , Globe Staff

With advanced technology, you will soon be able to experience the Games without actually being there.

The Green Issue

Will green improvements boost your home’s value?

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Experts weigh in on the buying and selling of real estate with energy-efficient upgrades.

Patriots poised to enhance practice with virtual reality technology

By , Globe Staff

STRIVR Labs’ new system is designed to improve the play of quarterbacks — and every other position on the field.

Shira Springer | FAIR PLAY

Women’s soccer gets assist from Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant

By , Globe Staff

As much as women’s sports want to stand on their own, they can use more help from male athletes.