Essdras M Suarez

Suarez, a Pulitzer Prize photographer, has traveled to over 30 countries for the Globe, covering the Iraq war, Indonesia tsunami, the Columbia space shuttle disaster, and many other national and international assignments. He is the recipient of several national awards including Headliners, Editors & Publishers.

Latest stories

Italy with a point-and-shoot

By Essdras M Suarez , Glpobe staff

At the urging of his wife, a professional photographer traveled abroad without the bulky cameras and equipment that are usually in tow.

Tips for photographing while on safari

By Essdras M Suarez , Globe staff

Be mindful of the golden light: Get in position before sunrise, ready to shoot, so you catch early twilight. And stay out during sunset and a bit afterward for the warm hues of dusk, and the beginning of the cool tones of night.

Awe-inspiring moments on an African safari

By Essdras M Suarez , Globe staff

At each of the camps, the connection with Africa’s wildlife and its majestic landscape felt simultaneously intimate and primal.

BU students get Cuba in focus

By Essdras M Suarez , Globe Staff

Globe photographer Essdras Suarez brought six of his Boston University students to Cuba for the chance to practice their chosen career in the real world.