Neil Swidey

Swidey is a Globe Magazine staff writer who writes in-depth stories on a variety of subjects. His work has been featured in “The Best American Science Writing,” “The Best American Crime Writing,” and “The Best American Political Writing.” He is author of “Trapped Under the Sea” and “The Assist,” and a coauthor of “Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy.”

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Colleges must stop holding student transcripts hostage

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How one nearly universal policy mistreats struggling students and makes the debt crisis worse.

Panera sued over sandwich served to child with allergy

By , Globe Staff

The case of a 6-year-old Natick girl reflects the growing tensions around food allergies.

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The college debt crisis is even worse than you think

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We tell students they need a bachelor’s degree to get ahead. But for too many, the numbers no longer add up.

Understanding your college financial aid award letter

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A sample letter, drawn from actual award letters, to help you decipher what’s included and what’s not.