Neil Swidey

Swidey is a Globe Magazine staff writer who writes in-depth stories on a variety of subjects. His work has been featured in “The Best American Science Writing,” “The Best American Crime Writing,” and “The Best American Political Writing.” He is author of “The Assist” and a coauthor of “Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy.”

Latest stories

How to rethink the Olympic bid for Boston’s benefit

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With planning and discipline, we could create a better city for all — even if the torch never makes it here.

Can there be a teardown that everybody agrees on?

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Demolitions are on the rise again in Massachusetts, reigniting the McMansion-vs.-preservation debate. But not all teardowns are the same.

As clock ticks, Cambridge lab hunts for Ebola answers

By , Globe Staff

Cambridge scientists are using sophisticated genetic machinery to determine how the virus might be attacked.


The Architect: Theo Epstein

By , Globe Staff

Theo Epstein had to bury the fan inside him before he could boldly assemble the team that defied history. But what comes next may be even tougher.