Neil Swidey

Swidey is a Globe Magazine staff writer who writes in-depth stories on a variety of subjects. His work has been featured in “The Best American Science Writing,” “The Best American Crime Writing,” and “The Best American Political Writing.” He is author of “The Assist” and a coauthor of “Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy.”

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Three decades ago, Tom Menino tried to tackle his mumbles

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In 1982 a public speaking instructor tried to coach the future mayor into clearer speaking. But, she says, his mumbling never held him back.

Why do people earn what they earn?

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Sometimes the answer is simple supply and demand. But often it’s something much stranger.

The Medical Issue | The Human Brain

The 7-day screen time diet

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Can a week away from computers, smartphones, and other digital devices really make a difference to kids’ brains?

A nation of voyeurs

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How the Internet search engine Google is changing what we can find out about one another — and raising questions about whether we should.