Beth Teitell

Beth Teitell is a features writer for the Boston Globe; an on-air commentator for public radio’s Marketplace program; and the author of two humorous books, “From Here to Maternity,” and “Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth.” She writes on a wide range of topics for the Globe, but whether she’s covering politics, sports, money, parenting –or lasagna – her goal is the same: to inform readers while also taking them through an enjoyable romp.

Latest stories

United Airlines claims plenty of reasons to refuse a passenger. Wearing leggings shouldn’t be one.

By , Globe Staff

Rather than be shamed by United Airlines and others, Americans in leggings should be accommodated.

When an older neighbor recedes from view, is calling the authorities moral — or meddling?

By , Globe Staff

When Billerica police Officer Ivonne Osgood makes a well-being check, her first thought: “I hope they’re not dead.”

For a little extra legroom is she willing to assist passengers in case of an emergency?

By , Globe Staff

She’d splurged on a little extra legroom. But in an emergency, would she be a Sully or a Costanza?

A Day Without a Woman? Boston restaurant-goers wouldn’t eat very well.

By , Globe Staff

With many of our top restaurants led by women, this area is very friendly to female chefs. But it’s not like that everywhere.