Beth Teitell

Beth Teitell is a features writer for the Boston Globe; an on-air commentator for public radio’s Marketplace program; and the author of two humorous books, “From Here to Maternity,” and “Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth.” She writes on a wide range of topics for the Globe, but whether she’s covering politics, sports, money, parenting –or lasagna – her goal is the same: to inform readers while also taking them through an enjoyable romp.

Latest stories

At lunch, home-packed may not mean healthy

By Beth Teitell , Globe Staff

The conversation has focused almost exclusively on the meals served by the lunch ladies, but a study shows parents aren’t doing better.

Do you suffer from RSVP rage?

By Beth Teitell , Globe Staff

With the summer entertaining season in full swing, and the fall social swirl looming, hosts are fuming as guests don’t reply to invitations.

Services link college roommates, divide officials

By Beth Teitell , Globe Staff

Some college administrators are concerned about allowing incoming freshmen to pick their own roommates.

You gotta wear shades?

By Beth Teitell , Globe Staff

Do you wear sunglasses at night or inside? You might want to rethink your look.