Beth Teitell

Beth Teitell reports on the zeitgeist of modern-day life and work-life balance, and she is particularly interested in stories that examine how we live now.

She has been writing for the Globe since 2007 (first as a freelancer and now as a staffer). She is also the author of two humorous books (”From Here to Maternity,” and “Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth), and her commentaries have appeared frequently on public radio’s Marketplace. She is a former Boston Herald columnist.

Latest stories

Would you wear a pair of $160 suede boots in this muck? The Uggsanistas think nothing of it

By , Globe Staff

The rest of the populace is slogging along in practical boots, but Uggs People aren’t focused on actual winter.

As the weather wreaks havoc on pipes, plumbers are hard to come by

By , Globe Staff

Pipes are bursting all over the state. In Boston, plumber Isaac Ash recently got 400 calls during a four-day period.

Workplace bullying remains in the shadows

By , Globe Staff

As workplaces of every imaginable kind are rocked in the national reckoning over abuses of sex and power, some say another, related issue waits in the shadows.

The ‘man flu’ may be real. But many women don’t want to believe it

By , Globe Staff

The sniffles. The sneezing. The drama of it all when men catch a cold. But a scientist says there may be a reason for all that suffering and moaning.