Beth Teitell

Beth Teitell is a features writer for the Boston Globe; an on-air commentator for public radio’s Marketplace program; and the author of two humorous books, “From Here to Maternity,” and “Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth.” She writes on a wide range of topics for the Globe, but whether she’s covering politics, sports, money, parenting –or lasagna – her goal is the same: to inform readers while also taking them through an enjoyable romp.

Latest stories

After snowmaggedon, hotels hope to woo hesitant event planners

By , Globe Staff

A video promoting the city as a great place to meet in winter shows no pictures of . . . Boston in winter.


Michael Sandel tackles the big questions on new technologies

By , Globe Staff

Michael Sandel is leading an all-star panel during Hubweek on the ethical questions that arise from new technologies.

John Spooner offers life lessons to millennials

By , Globe Staff

From handling yourself in a divorce, to using humor to defuse situations, his counsel covers everything.


Want to track your kids on Halloween?

By , Globe Staff

I’m dreading the day when kids can track parents, specifically when they’re sneaking Snickers from the loot bag.