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Lane Turner

Turner is a features picture editor. He is one of the editors of The Big Picture, edits the Big Shots sports photographer blog, and produces video projects, all for He has been a staff photographer at the Globe since 1989.

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From Globe archives: Paragon Park


Paragon Park was part of Hull’s Nantasket Beach for more than 100 years. A fire destroyed much of the park in 1963, but it came back as strong as ever. The park finally closed in 1985.

Bonaire, a snorkeler’s paradise

By , Globe staff

Aside from snorkeling, there isn’t a whole lot else one needs to do to enjoy the island, making it a perfect escape.

From the Archives

From Globe archives: Campaigns and conventions


The GOP gathered in Tampa this week to nominate their candidate for the Republican Party ticket in the 2012 presidential election, and the Democrats await their turn in Charlotte next week.

From the archives | Photo Gallery

By and , Globe Staff

Private railroads and horse-drawn streetcar companies served the transportation needs of Boston and outlying towns for decades before the MBTA accepted its first token.