James Vaznis

James Vaznis likes to delve into stories that probe racial, economic, and educational disparities in public schools, especially through the lenses of students, teachers, parents, and administrators. These stories ideally examine why school systems and the state are failing to eliminate these disparities — by digging through data and documents — while holding public officials accountable for their inaction or misguided policies. Other stories highlight initiatives that are getting results with an eye towards explaining how and why these efforts are working. He is also interested in chronicling the growing attempts by educators and others to address the social and emotional well-being of students — an issue that cuts across urban, suburban, and rural lines — that is effectively turning some schools into social service agencies.

James has been a reporter for The Boston Globe since 2002 and has been covering K-12 education since 2008. He has also reported on New Hampshire, the suburbs, crime, and higher education for the Globe. Previously, he worked for The Daily News of Newburyport and the Concord Monitor where he covered education and other issues.

Latest stories

State hopes to find education commissioner by year’s end

By , Globe Staff

Paul Sagan, chairman of the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, said he expects there will be strong interest in the position.

Closing the achievement gap, one summer camp at a time

By , Globe Staff

A free program aims to tackle an often-overlooked inequity: Some families can spend thousands on academic boot camps, while others can’t.

Some charter school leaders’ pay far outpaces their public rivals

By , Globe Staff

The amount of public money the charter schools collectively spend on all aspects of its operations is huge.

Senate approves bilingual education measure

By , Globe Staff

The bill could potentially upend a 15-year-old voter referendum that widely banned school systems from teaching students academic courses in their native language.