Todd Wallack

Wallack is a reporter for the Globe’s metro section, mainly working on investigative stories. He joined the Globe in 2007, initially working in the business section. A graduate of Northwestern University, he previously spent six years at the San Francisco Chronicle and has worked at several other publications, including the Boston Herald, Boston Business Journal, and the Dayton Daily news.

Latest stories

State study confirms unfilled job boards

By Todd Wallack , Globe Staff

Mass. is failing to properly staff and track hundreds of state boards and committees, a Senate panel concluded.

Paying for politicians with pizza and postage

By Todd Wallack , Globe staff

Political campaigns don’t just rely on cash contributions. They also receive tons of non-cash aid from supporters.

Some winning streaks have defied belief

By Todd Wallack , Globe Staff

The lottery suspects the Brudnick family may be “Ten Percenters,” people who claim others’ prizes for a fee.

10 most prolific Massachusetts lottery winners

By Catherine Cloutier and Todd Wallack , Globe Staff

A small number of players have beat the odds time and time again.