Todd Wallack

Wallack is an investigative reporter for the Globe’s Spotlight team, specializing in data journalism, public records and financial reporting. He was part of teams that were finalists for the Pulitzer Prize in 2013 and 2015. Prior to joining the Globe in 2007, he worked for the San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Herald, and other publications.

Latest stories

Phillips Exeter alumni vow to withhold donations over mishandled abuse complaints

By and , Globe Staff

Nearly 700 alumni of the private New Hampshire school vowed to withhold donations until leaders crack down on sexual abuse of students.

Courts cut online access to criminal cases

By , Globe Staff

At a time when many agencies are putting more information online, Massachusetts courts are going in the opposite direction.

How hard is it to give away a half-million dollars?

By and , Globe Staff

Twenty-five people or businesses have $500,000 or more that’s been waiting for them — in many cases for years — in a state account.

How will new records law make Mass. more transparent?

By , Globe Staff

Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill strengthening the state’s much-maligned public records law, which was considered one of the weakest in the country.