Gary Washburn

Washburn is the national basketball writer and Celtics reporter at the Globe and a 20-year veteran of the journalism business. A UC Berkeley graduate, Gary has covered a variety of sports topics. He is also the secretary for the NABJ Sports Task Force and former President of the Bay Area Baseball Writers Association.

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Sunday Basketball Notes

Celtics appear an ideal match for Evan Turner

By Gary Washburn , Globe Staff

There doesn’t appear to be much to lose for Celtics president Danny Ainge in this Turner transaction.


Is the NBA ready for first female coach?

By Gary Washburn , Globe Staff

Natalie Nakase worked as video coordinator for the Clippers the past three years, a job that has been a starting point for two current coaches.

Ray Allen leaning toward joining Cavaliers

By Gary Washburn , Globe Staff

LeBron James has been lobbying the former Celtics guard to join the resurrected Cleveland franchise.


What does Evan Turner bring to the Celtics?

By Gary Washburn , Globe Staff

The Celtics must find ways to put Turner in the best position to use his unusual offensive skill set.