Gary Washburn

Washburn is the national basketball writer and Celtics reporter at the Globe and a 20-year veteran of the journalism business. A UC Berkeley graduate, Gary has covered a variety of sports topics. He is also the secretary for the NABJ Sports Task Force and former President of the Bay Area Baseball Writers Association.

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Gary Washburn | Sunday Basketball Notes

Hawks’ issues a matter of league-wide importance

By Gary Washburn , Globe Staff

It was an eventful week for the Hawks, one of the NBA’s more overshadowed franchises for decades.

WNBA still looking for an identity

By Gary Washburn , Globe Staff

The WNBA has plenty of appeal with its talented players but it hasn’t been a smooth journey to try to win over more fans.


Hawks owner brings more bad light to NBA

By Gary Washburn , globe staff

Bruce Levenson’s indiscretion another example of NBA’s need to deal with antiquated stereotypes.

Gary Washburn | Sunday Basketball Notes

Celtics confident the future remains bright

By Gary Washburn , Globe Staff

Confidence remains that the organization’s rebuild, however meticulous, is advancing to the next stage.