Joanna Weiss

Weiss writes an Op-Ed column about culture, politics, and society that appears in the Globe on Tuesdays and Sundays. She previously covered politics and TV for the Globe. She is author of the novel “Milkshake,” about the politics of breastfeeding.

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For Hillary Clinton, funny is hard

By , Globe Columnist

It’s difficult to look naturally happy when you’re doing something that doesn’t come naturally.


Anne-Marie Slaughter’s unfinished business

By , Globe columnist

In a new book, Slaughter calls for moving beyond the concept of work-life balance.


To protect kids, help the courts

By , Globe Columnist

In a couple of key ways, Massachusetts’ courts are severely hamstrung, compared to other states.

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Barbara Madeloni makes waves

By , Globe Staff

The Massachusetts Teachers Association will wait to make an endorsement — no matter what the National Education Association wants to do this week.