Joanna Weiss

Weiss writes an Op-Ed column about culture, politics, and society that appears in the Globe on Tuesdays and Sundays. She previously covered politics and TV for the Globe. She is author of the novel “Milkshake,” about the politics of breastfeeding.

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The myths of illegal immigration

By Joanna Weiss , Globe Columnist

The language the opponents use is telling.


Gays on TV: Plots come full circle

By Joanna Weiss , Globe Columnist

The idea of being gay was once casually dismissed. Now it’s something to covet on television.


Will Pioneer Institute knock out Common Core?

By Joanna Weiss , Globe Columnist

Pioneer came to the fight early and seeds it frequently.

joanna weiss

On health insurance, listen to the public’s common sense

By Joanna Weiss ,

While you can’t legislate by emotion, you can gauge the public’s values and its willingness to consider costs and benefits.