Joanna Weiss

Weiss writes an Op-Ed column about culture, politics, and society that appears in the Globe on Tuesdays and Sundays. She previously covered politics and TV for the Globe. She is author of the novel “Milkshake,” about the politics of breastfeeding.

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Ray Rice and domestic violence: ‘No’ isn’t enough

By Joanna Weiss , Globe Columnist

The NFL has to change the way players think about partner violence.

What’s worse? Dilemmas for the general election

By Joanna Weiss , Globe columnist

Just days into the general election campaign, the game of “What’s worse?” has already begun.


Political combat metaphor bingo

By Joanna Weiss, Noah Guiney, Dante Ramos and Heather Hopp-Bruce ,

We’re in for plenty of combat-inspired rhetoric this election season. Here’s a guide to keep you above the fray.


Campaign apathy: a political junkie’s lament

By Joanna Weiss , Globe Columnist

The differences are worth knowing. The decision is worth making. But the whole thing is also painfully easy to ignore.