Patricia Wen

Wen writes mostly about social service, family and health issues. She has twice been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, once for feature writing and also as part of a team for national reporting. A Harvard graduate, Wen has also twice won the Casey Medal for coverage of children and family issues.

Latest stories

More serious charges may be next for Blackstone mother

By Patricia Wen and Laura Crimaldi , Globe staff

The more serious charges could be filed after examinations are completed of the remains of three infants found in the house.

Blackstone mom’s life was out of control, lawyer says

By Patricia Wen and Laura Crimaldi , Globe Staff

Erika Murray’s attorney said she did not perceive herself as neglectful of her two younger children.

Blackstone woman charged with concealing deaths of three children whose remains found in home

By Laura Crimaldi, Patricia Wen and Milton Valencia , Globe staff

BLACKSTONE — A Blackstone woman living in a squalid home where the remains of three infants were found is now charged with concealing the deaths of those children and is also believed to be the mother of four other children now in state custody, Blackstone police said today.

Blackstone mother’s happy facade, hiding dark secrets

By Patricia Wen , Globe staff

Erika Murray allegedly hid the existence of two ailing younger children — and the deaths of three infants in her home.