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Protester arrests decried, defended

With at least 141 people taken into custody, protesters, even those who spent much of the day in court, said the arrests will only galvanize the movement.

In Occupy Boston tent city, the unheard find a voice

The theme of Occupy Boston, the tent-city protest in Dewey Square, is hard to pin down. It is like a rolling snowball that collects victims of the Great Recession and those who otherwise feel ignored or disenfranchised.

Campaign 2012

Rivals focus on Romney in N.H. debate

Mitt Romney, who has proven to be a consistent presence at the top of the polls, did little to damage the momentum his campaign has gotten in recent weeks.

With their clubhouse hbehavior, pitchers Josh Beckett, John Lackey, and John Lester violated unwritten rules about supporting teammates in the dugout

Jim Davis/Globe Staff/File

Special Report

Inside the collapse of the 2011 Red Sox

Dedication waned, unity unraveled, and manager Terry Francona lost influence as a once-inspiring season ended in epic failure.

Boston public housing going smoke-free in 2012

About 25,000 tenants will receive letters announcing that their buildings will be smoke-free and that they will have to agree to the new policy when they sign their annual leases.