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Towns faulted on aid to veterans

Thousands of financially struggling Mass. veterans might not be receiving cash payments and medical reimbursements they are entitled to get.

Libya agrees to investigate Khadafy killing

Libya’s interim government, under mounting international pressure, said that it will conduct an investigation into the death of Moammar Khadafy.

Democrats embrace super PACs

This relatively new form of political action committee is allowed to accept checks from nonprofit groups and shell corporations whose sources of support are kept secret.


Green card program creates jobs, stirs criticism

The immigrant investor program helps wealthy foreigners obtain green cards while allowing businesses such as Jay Peak Resort to raise the money they need to expand.

Smith College eats up annual hoax

As part of an introductory class in logic, 100 students were assigned to convince the campus by whatever means necessary that the college was going completely vegetarian and locavore.