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October storm holds lasting grip

Matthew Cavanaugh for The Boston Globe

A day after the onslaught of a record-setting autumn nor’easter, more than 621,000 customers in the state remained without power yesterday.

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Ron Paul pursues a unique agenda.

Despite fiery base, Paul’s spark yet to spread

Ron Paul’s harsh critique of US overseas commitments has kept him from winning more support among the GOP’s powerful Tea Party wing.

US officials consider auctioning unused airwaves

As much as $30 billion in revenue could be raised if the federal government auctions off unused slivers of the airwaves to wireless companies.

Critics say voters aren’t happy with Mayor Lisa Wong’s austerity cuts in Fitchburg.

Joanne Rathe/Globe Staff

Groundbreaking mayor losing favor

After helping pull Fitchburg from the brink of bankruptcy, Mayor Lisa Wong is being criticized for cutting and saving rather than spending some of that money.

Northeastern putting down stakes across the country

The school plans to open a regional campus in Charlotte, N.C., today and a similar outpost in Seattle within the year, with hopes of expanding even more nationally.