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Red Sox reap $45m from Lansdowne, Yawkey Way lease deal

Over the last nine years, the Red Sox have increased their revenue by millions through the use of two streets that city officials handed over for a relative pittance.

Boston police suit may have wide impact

Cities and towns could be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars if the state’s highest court finds in favor of officers who say they are entitled to the full amount of an education bonus program.

// Female voters drawn to Romney this time

Mitt Romney’s strength with female voters — they support him by about five percentage points more than men do — was not something he saw in his 2008 presidential run.


November 7, 2011

As ex-housing chief’s pay rose, tenants say they were ignored

Some Chelsea public housing residents, who deal with rodents and cracked walls, were outraged to hear about the former housing director’s $360,000 salary.

Tech firms hop on Facebook’s wave

A growing number of companies are placing a big bet on the social network and creating a burgeoning Facebook economy that extends far beyond Silicon Valley.