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Palmer pins hopes on casino

Like perhaps no other town in Massachusetts, Palmer has pinned its hopes on a casino as an economic savior that could reverse years of decline and usher in a new day.

Charities struggle to meet demand as donations fall

Massachusetts charities are focused on finding creative new ways to collect donations while grappling with a still-steady stream of families who suddenly need help.

Keeping track on Black Friday

Today analysts will visit stores, count cars, and use high-tech means to collect data and find economic trends.

Students occupy UMass Boston to protest tuition, fee hikes

Borrowing a page from the nationwide Occupy Wall Street movement, about 20 students yesterday occupied the campus center at University of Massachusetts Boston to protest cuts in public education spending and hikes in tuition.



Legislature to consider tax holiday

By Joshua Miller

A state sales tax holiday may be coming the weekend of Aug. 10-11. Next week, the Legislature will probably approve legislation that will temporarily suspend the 6.25 percent sales tax on the second weekend in August, as the state often does each summer. The tax holiday would apply to retail items costing $2.500 or less.