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Owners, players save NBA season

A 149-day labor ordeal that stymied the NBA ended early yesterday when the league’s owners and players tentatively agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement.

// Not all NBA fans are feeling forgiving

Yesterday’s news of a break in the NBA lockout did not engender feelings of forgiveness from fans and workers in businesses dependent on the Celtics.

Catholic liturgy has new translation

In Boston and across the country, a revised text will be said at Mass, starting today. Some are minor tweaks, others not — and not everyone’s happy.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

A nod to those up long before dawn

They make your coffee and bake your bread. They make you sweat and calm your nerves. Here is a look at the people up long before dawn, setting Boston in motion.

Deceptive campaign ads hint at year of mudslinging

With nearly a year until the election, evidence is mounting that the presidential race is going to feature a rough, negative, and confusing advertising onslaught.