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Stalwart few say the cause will outlast the encampment

Those who have stayed in Dewey Square compared their refusal to leave the camp to the sinking of the Titanic: They’re going down with the ship.

Target goes high-tech to stop increasingly savvy thieves

WESTBOROUGH - Suspected of stealing money from registers, the Target employee was being secretly monitored as she scanned in customers’ purchases last Tuesday. But the security specialists watching the cashier weren’t anywhere near the New York discount store where she works - they were hundreds of miles away in Westborough, conducting the electronic surveillance from a small, windowless room that is home to the Target Investigations Center. Security technicians are on duty 24 hours a day, surveying thousands of high-tech cameras.

Romney hopes for an Iowa surprise

While Mitt Romney’s strategy is less visible than four years ago, his aides believe they are far more organized than other campaigns.