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Menino vows change in school assignment system

In his annual State of the City address, Mayor Menino took aim at Boston’s school assignment lottery, pledging to create a plan that will put children in schools closer to home.

Court strikes decision for mentally ill woman’s abortion

The Massachusetts Appeals Court reversed a Norfolk probate judge’s decision to order a 32-year-old schizophrenic woman to undergo an abortion and to then be sterilized.

Mitt Romney reveals income tax burden: about 15%

Romney said he has been paying close to a 15 percent tax rate on his income in recent years, a rate that fueled further attempts by his GOP rivals to cast Romney as out of touch.

Passengers aboard the Costa Concordia, run aground off an Italian island, had yet to learn evacuation procedures.


Cruise fatalities likely to spur new rules

Nautical specialists say more stringent safety rules are almost certain to emerge from the Concordia disaster off the coast of Italy, which was blamed on human error.

Wikipedia, other sites go dark in protest of SOPA and PIPA bills

Some technology companies and free-speech activists say two bills aimed at fighting Internet piracy will allow government censorship of the Internet.